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Leg Injury

"Revolutionize Your Health with My Holistic and Comprehensive Approach to Mental Wellness"

"Unearth the Root Causes of Your Mood Disorders - Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit From Within"

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Since diving into the world of Health and Wellness in 2003, I felt reasonably well-equipped to navigate the health challenges that might come our way. But life had other plans, and nothing could've prepared me for the profound journey that awaited both me and my loved ones in the subsequent years.

What I thought I knew was tested, pushing me deeper into research, prompting questions, and driving me to keenly observe and understand our health patterns.

2011 became a pivotal year in our family's health saga. My spirited daughter received a diagnosis that shook our world – Hashimotos Thyroiditis. In search of answers, I was met with a disheartening response from the endocrinologist. “It just happens,” he remarked nonchalantly. The prospect of my 11-year-old committing to a lifetime of pills felt both overwhelming and wrong.

I couldn't, and wouldn't, accept that. There was a fire ignited within me, an unwavering belief that our bodies have an intrinsic ability to heal.


If you listen closely, symptoms are like coded messages from the body, signaling a cry for help or change. Determined to decode these messages, we embarked on a journey of discovery. It led us to the realization that my daughter's body was rebelling against gluten and dairy. With this knowledge and subsequent changes, the clouds of Hashimotos lifted from her life within a year.

Yet, this was only the beginning of our journey. 2012 brought its challenges. A car accident left me grappling with a cascade of injuries, the most daunting being a brain injury. Suddenly, clarity and focus became luxuries. Alongside these physical setbacks, my mental state began to deteriorate. Waves of grief consumed me, nights became sleepless battles with insomnia, and the spark of joy and drive I once felt seemed distant.


Depression clouded my days, and feelings of disassociation made moments seem surreal. The world felt out of focus, and the vibrancy of happiness was elusive.

Amidst this personal storm, another heartbreak was on the horizon – the devastating loss of my spouse to opiate overdose. The emotional toll, combined with the challenges of single motherhood and my mental and physical struggles, often felt insurmountable.

But adversity, I've learned, is also a teacher. Driven by my previous experiences and the need to heal, I delved deeper into holistic modalities. Chiropractic care, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation were no longer just wellness tools; they became my lifelines. Nutrition, mindfulness, and supplements were not mere options but essential allies in my journey to reclaim health and balance.

Emerging from these trials stronger, more enlightened, and deeply empathetic, I felt a profound calling. My personal odyssey of healing shouldn't remain mine alone. With credentials as a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Mindfulness Instructor (IMTA), and Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP), I was not only equipped with personal experiences but also professional expertise. Today, I'm dedicated to guiding those who grapple with physical, emotional, and mental challenges, helping them uncover their paths to recovery and rediscovery.

To anyone reading this, navigating their health storms or supporting a loved one through theirs, remember: healing is a journey, sometimes complex, sometimes heartbreaking, but always worth the perseverance. Our bodies and minds communicate, and with patience, determination, and belief, we can tune in and find our way back to health.

You Deserve To Have a Healthy Life!


Healthy Living Workshops

Once a month I offer an online workshop for Free where we discuss the dangers of hidden toxins, or attend a cooking class, Yoga or Meditation. 

Please check the Calendar for the schedule.  You will need to register for the event in order to obtain the Zoom link. 

People come to me when:

  • They've experimented with various diets and treatments, yet still grapple with recurring emotional lows and an unpredictable stomach.

  • Weight management becomes an added stress, despite their best efforts.

  • Daily battles range from physical discomfort in their gut to overwhelming anxious thoughts and deep feelings of despondency.

  • They're constantly searching for solutions, both for their mind and their digestive woes.

  • Often disheartened when told that merely managing their symptoms is the best they can hope for.

  • Drained mentally, emotionally, and physically, they yearn for genuine relief.

  • They remain hopeful that better solutions are out there, waiting to be discovered.

  • Despite the darkness, they hold onto the belief that a brighter, more stable state of mind and body is achievable.

  • They navigate a challenging path of mood swings, anxious thoughts, depressive spells, and unpredictable stomach issues.

  • Feeling as though their healthcare professionals sometimes miss the interconnected nature of their struggles.

  • Their list of symptoms, ranging from emotional turbulence to stomach upset, seems to grow without end.

  • A nagging intuition suggests there's a missing piece in their wellness puzzle, yet it remains elusive.

  • They've dedicated endless nights to researching, trying to understand the link between their mood and gut.

  • Above all, they deeply desire a harmonious state where both their mind and body find consistent peace and well-being.


Professional Biography

From owning and operating a successful hardwood flooring business to being a Director for a Yoga School to now being a Wellness Educator using nutrition, yoga therapy and mindfulness, I help you integrate mind body healing.  I have thrown myself into learning many natural approaches. I strongly believe in our body’s innate intelligence and its ability to heal. 

Throwing myself deep into research. I obtained these certifications: Family Herbalist (School of Natural History), Reiki, Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Instructor (Inbody Academy), TRX Yoga, and Functional Nutrition (Functional Nutrition Alliance).

It is through my own hardships and health struggles from a Brain Injury, PTSD, Physical Injuries, Trauma, Loss of loved ones,  Depression, Autoimmune Disease, and more that I am able to best support my clients. 

The clients that come to me have been misunderstood by their healthcare practitioner.  They have been given a pill instead of answers and yet, they still have symptoms.  My clients have an unsettling feeling that there is more to discover about themselves, they know there is a better way to heal.  They are seeking answers and solutions.  I offer answers and solutions with compassion, understanding and a pathway.

I have worked with clients who have Hashimotos, hypothyroidism, brain fog, memory loss, SIBO, C-Diff, gut issues, IBS, Colitis, autoimmune disease, Fatty Liver,  Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimers, Mast Cell Activation, heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, type 1 diabetes, constipation, mold toxicity, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, trauma, parasites, candida, fungal infections.  

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Click below to make an appointment for a virtual session with me . Together we will create a plan for you to move forward and live your life again! 

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