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Begin Your Holistic Healing Journey Today

Your Journey to Mental Wellness Starts Here


Are you tired of feeling anxious, sad and down, or simply not yourself? For over 20 years, I have dedicated my life to studying the intimate connection between the gut and brain, guiding clients to address the root causes of mood disorders and nurturing wellness from the inside out. 

It's More Than Just Symptoms

Your symptoms are your body's language, signaling underlying issues that need attention. My unique program focuses on the upstream issues causing your mood disorders, aiming to rectify them at the cellular level. Why? Because when your cells are inflamed, nutrients can't get in, and toxins can't leave, regardless of diets or supplements.


Wellness Starts from Within


I understand that mental wellness is multifaceted - it's not just about physical health. Your thoughts and emotions also play a pivotal role in your well-being. My program integrates physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, helping you release stored emotions and trauma and revitalize all of your systems.


Our Comprehensive Healing Program


Whether you prefer a guided journey or a DIY approach, I offer 3, 6, and 12-month programs, tailored to your needs. Through a blend of customized meal plans, yoga, meditation, wellness protocols, and one-on-one sessions, we'll restore your gut, support your brain, eliminate toxins, balance your hormones, and instill new habits for sustained health. 


Unique Features of Our Program


 **Education Classes:** Gain valuable insights into health, nutrition, and mindfulness.

 **Customized Meal Plans:** Nourish your body with tailored diets to fuel your healing.

 **Yoga and Meditation:** Strengthen your body, clear your mind, and enrich your spirit.

 **One-on-One Sessions:** Enjoy personalized guidance to navigate your wellness journey.

 **Lab Work Analysis:** Understand your body better with detailed lab work assessments.


When you join me, you're not just signing up for another program; you're choosing to transform your life with a holistic health approach unparalleled in its comprehensiveness and personalization.


Start Your Journey Today


Ready to redefine your health from the inside out? Let's connect. Book your initial consultation today. Together, we can navigate the path to holistic wellness and lasting change.

Forest Trees


What I Specialize In



Brain Optimization

Root Cause Resolution

Healthy Mindset

Eliminate Toxins

and Heavy Metals

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Before working with Jessica, I suffered from stomach problems and carried a throw-up cup with me everywhere. I was embarrassed to leave the house. Doctors performed test after test and found nothing. My teeth became so rotten from my stomach issues, they had to be pulled. Within a month of working with Jessica I began feeling better. I stopped throwing up every time I ate. To this day, my stomach problems are healed. I’m no longer afraid to go out in public. I’m so grateful to Jessica for giving me my life back.”

— Judy

“Jess has taught me so much valuable knowledge! She makes each and every person feel important. Jess has a gift of really seeing people and their potential right away. She is very encouraging and inspirational. She not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She lives the lifestyle that she teaches. Jess is a gifted mentor, bringing light and love to every session. I have a lot of gratitude for Jess. She is an amazing Yoga Therapist and Healer.”

— Lena

“Certain people are meant to come into your life and Jessica is one of them. The day I walked into Jessica's office, I was experiencing severe trauma and shaking from head to toe. By the end of my first session, I was smiling, my shakes were under control and I felt more empowered. Fast forward to today, I live more in the present. I have found my confidence again and I know that I will be okay. I love Jessica's energy and I love that she came into my life exactly when I needed her. I am so grateful.”


"Begin Your Holistic Healing Journey Today"

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